Olivia Hampshire

The Color of Love

Lilly was visiting the House of Romance just to get away ( actually, she was on the run ) and enjoy herself. Kioni was excaping an terrible life that had a bounty on her head. Both owned criminal debt. Both were on the run. One had serious health concerns. They were of different backgrounds in culture, religion, sexual past experiences and values, yet, the first time Lilly saw Kioni, she fell in love.

«Olivia Hampshire, thank you so much for making my day. After I had searched for lesbian romance and found this book, and you for the first time I really wasn´t sure, but after my download you made me so comfortable with you can your characters and life itself. I look forward to more of your House of Romance stories in the near future.» Mary Ann Bethel

Erie, OH

“All that I can say is that Olivia Hampshire and her House of Romance really rock it out hard. Sure, there is a fare amount of hanky panky going on to say the least, but what I like about Olivia is that in each and every one of her books, there is a great message about life. I have read many lesbian romance books on Amazon, but few lack the fun and the serious things in life that make my purchase worth while. Or, my time well spent.” Gail Livingston

Atlanta, GA

“Please write more and very soon! Olivia Hampshire, where have you been? My girlfriend and I are flying to Paris next month and I have bought all of your stories. I am not reading any of them until she and I get on the plane. Your lesbian romance stories just put she and I in the right place. And, it never fails that your works always give us issues to discuss about life. Thank you Olivia for the House of Romance.” Leslie Pondence

Portland, OR

“This story goes right to the matter of a situation I am in right now. What happens when you have made decisions in the past that alter all of my present options. Olivia Hampshire laid this very serious issue, right on the table for everyone to see. In her House of Romance, Olivia holds nothing back. I look forward to more lesbian romance from Olivia Hampshire.” Kay Merth

Fountain Hills, AZ
68 printed pages
Original publication



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