The Wonder, The Joy, The Promise, Evelyn McCarthy
Evelyn McCarthy

The Wonder, The Joy, The Promise

Nine short stories create The Wonder, The Joy, The Promise, an uplifting book filled with age-old and contemporary themes, by author Evelyn McCarthy.Mary, the mother of Jesus, keeps a journal. In it she describes her feelings of joy, trepidation and an overwhelming sense of serenity as she readies herself to give birth to her son and the son of God.A young serviceman loses his mother and believes life is over until events after her death lead him to his mother’s prayers being answered. A single mother struggles to raise her daughter while bills pile up and life seems as if it’s one big chore—what happens to change her outlook?A wealthy family experiences loss of income and fear that life has no meaning, until they find a wealth of meaning by realizing what the most important things in life really are. A couple work at a homeless shelter during the Christmas season and are forever changed by the selfless act of giving to other human beings less fortunate.McCarthy’s soothing and beautiful prose is a Godsend and will help you to remember just how precious life is and how the healing power of God can transform difficulty into seeking a new path, appreciating the true beauty of life, and realizing that, with God, anything is possible.
135 printed pages


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