Abbey Beathan

Summary Bundle: History & Self Help

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Summary Bundle: History & Self Help: Includes Summary of Unbroken & Summary of Unfu*k Yourself

From the Description of “Summary of Unbroken”…
«A lifetime of glory is worth a moment of pain.» — Laura Hillenbrand
The airplane crash of Zamperini tested his limits. There, he was surrounded by thousands of miles of open oceans, sharks and facing thirst and starvation. Any normal man would have given up but his drive was superior. Responding to this harsh situation with his resolve, wits and hope, he managed to overcome the biggest obstacle of his life.

From the Description of “Summary of Unfu*k Yourself”…
«You have the life you're willing to put up with.» — Gary John Bishop
Bishop leads you to his seven assertions you must take to heart in order to Unfu*k Yourself, each one of them addresses a common self-limitation commonly suffered by anyone. If you are looking for help to stop feeling sorry for yourself and start improving your life, then this one is the right match for you.

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