Erika Prockl

Learning to ride as an adult

The usual daily stress of modern living means adults, and very often even adolescents, adopt tensed-up and faulty postures, which have a particularly negative effect on the horse. Here is a modern riding manual with a completely new training concept specifically designed to counteract the problem:
* A perfect loosening-up programme, with relaxes and eases.
* Complex rider’s movements are separated into individual movements for ease of practice.
* These swinging circles can be practised in day-to-day situations as well on the physio-ball — the substitute horse.
Erika Prockl is a teacher in further education and a certified riding instructor. Not having learned to ride as a child but as an adult, she has personally experienced the suffering of the adult novice rider, and learned from it. This “swinging“ training programme was developed in co-operation with Eva Sogl, a well-known high-level dressage instructor, and has been applied successfully for several years.
This book should be required reading for every riding instructor and adult novice rider.
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