Guy Boothby

Dr Nikola’s Experiment

Doctor Nikola has finally found the secret to immortality, but he hasn’t put it to the test yet. He needs someone who can help him conduct some experiments. Doctor Ingleby seems to be the perfect choice since he is currently struggling financially and as such, seems willing to go to great lengths to get himself out of misery. Will Nikola and Ingleby’s experiments be successful? Find out in «Dr Nikola’s Experiment».
Guy Boothby was an Australian author who lived in the period 1867–1905. His earlier works described life in Australia, but he gained wide popularity with his later fiction, which offered a vivid combination of crime, science fiction and horror stories.
Boothby is well known for his Doctor Nikola series, a collection of novels telling the story of an occultist who seeks immortality and world domination.
Other popular stories by him are “A Prince of Swindlers”, which tells the story of a thief, and “Uncle Joe's Legacy and Other Stories”, which is a collection of ghost stories. All in all, Guy Boothby left the world a colourful and rich literary legacy.
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