Pimenta Cítrica

Lost in Sensation

Pimenta Cıt́ rica tries to convince herself that showing her first girl crush, Lila, around the Berlin will be like all the other dull tours she's given to visitors. That one kiss they shared at seventeen makes her feelings all the more complicated.

After seeing the sights, they find a rowdy lesbian bar. Their close proximity and tense chemistry opens the possibility that they both share unresolved feelings. Or maybe Pimenta is still that desperate shy girl she was in high school.

After getting hit on by two dudes (WTF this is a lesbian club!), Lila admits she's over men and is interested in exploring sex with girls, again. With the help of countless beers and a shot of a special local liquor, Pimenta gains the courage she wished she had in her youth and asks Lila to come home
with her.

After making out for what seems like hours, they find Pimenta's bed. Unfortunately, Lila doesn't want to go all the way. Overwhelmed with disappointment, Pimenta awkwardly cuddles Lila. Only after some heavy sighs and too much overthinking, Lila admits that she wants that long awaited one-night stand with her first girl crush.

Teenage dreams do come true.
27 printed pages
Original publication

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