Rebecca West

Cousin Rosamund

In the final installment of Rebecca West’s Saga of the Century trilogy, family, marriage, and love alter the sisterly bonds that have seen them through poverty, war, and scandal
In the years after the war, Mary and Rose Aubrey have found success as accomplished pianists. In spite of their travels and material rewards, they remain apart from society. When their cherished cousin Rosamund surprises them by marrying a man they feel is beneath her, the sisters must reconsider what love means to them and how they can find a sense of spiritual wellbeing on their own, without the guidance of their family. Filled with thoughtful observations on romantic and filial love, West’s final chronicle of the Aubreys deftly draws readers into her endearing characters’ most intimate story yet.
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  • Inna Shafikovahas quoted6 years ago
    She was like a woman who, born poor, has always worn her good clothes only on Sundays, but suddenly realises that she is rich and wears them every day.
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