Jacqui Tunbridge

The Accidental Patient

What are three devastating words everyone hopes they will never hear?

You have cancer.

Would you feel like a nuclear explosion has gone off in your head? Jacqui did when it happened to her.

Cancer doesn't care who you are, it can come out of nowhere and turn your whole world upside down. Nothing makes sense anymore. Cancer doesn't discriminate.

Nearly everyone you meet knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer.

This book is a deeply personal, candid and raw first-person account. Using her stream of consciousness style Jacqui hopes to help people who find themselves newly diagnosed to better anticipate what lies ahead of them.

She wants them to know they are not alone as there are many wonderful people and organisations that can provide support.

Jacqui has always believed, in true Aussie fashion, that being able to laugh at her situation when things don't quite go to plan is so very important.

Sometimes in life when you get thrown a curveball, whether it is good or bad, she feels it's how you deal with it that matters. Being able to draw on inner courage you didn't know you had, can make all the difference in the world.

Jacqui kept a diary throughout her cancer journey. She dreamed that when it was all over she could turn it into a book. Through her writing Jacqui discovered many things about herself and others in her life.

If you think it would change your perspective to take some time and walk in someone else's shoes for a while, this book is for you.
298 printed pages
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