Cormac Lucey Lucey

Plan B

The political establishment would have you believe that Ireland’s economic crisis is over. But leading Irish economist Cormac Lucey shows that it is premature to declare an end to the euro-crisis. He argues that joining the single currency was the pivotal cause of Ireland’s economic bust and it is also the single biggest threat to its recovery.
Plan Bproposes a concrete plan for exiting the euro and restructuring Ireland’s debt mountains, showing that fears of what will happen if Ireland leaves the euro are overstated. It will set Ireland on a path to higher economic growth, lower emigration and a more sustainable future.
If you are tired of hearing that Plan A is the only game in town – another difficult budget, meagre economic growth, high unemployment, mass emigration and staggeringly high debt – read Plan B and be reassured there is an alternative.
261 printed pages
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