Joel Quinn

F*ck the Details

Fewer words. Sharper stories. Bigger impact.

Are you getting bogged down in lengthy prose and bloated descriptions? Time to say F*ck the Details and write stories that move!

Descriptive elements don't have to be speed bumps that grind everything to a halt. Ditch the fluff and craft lean stories that grab your readers by the eyeballs and pack a bone-crunching punch.

In this quick read you will learn how to:

— Write description that leverages common knowledge and the experience of the reader to omit details that the reader can imagine for you.

— Show a character’s frame of mind with action, keeping the story moving.

— Identify which details to keep and which to throw away.

Through Joel’s before-and-after story examples, you won’t just learn what effective descriptions look like … you’ll understand how to craft them for yourself.

Trim the bloat. Up the action. F*ck the Details!
38 printed pages
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