Jane Kenyon


This is a call from the heart to implore women everywhere to recognise what they need to do to step up and shine, in order to be the real role models our young girls need right now. The girl teen crisis we find ourselves in is well documented with self harming, eating disorders, STDs, rape and depression on the increase, add to this low confidence and aspirations, little emotional resilience and body hatred at an all time high and you start to get a feel for the challenging landscape. We all play a part in disempowering the next generation and it is time we stepped up. They may not be listening to what we say, but you better believe they are watching what we do. Through sharing her own courageous story and life lessons; to commenting on the state of feminism and misogyny; female entrepreneurship and the lack of parity at the top, Jane pulls no punches and her material is clear and well researched. Her conversational style and critique on the female agenda today is a breath of fresh air.
304 printed pages
Panoma Press


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