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Dan Pink, best-selling author of DRIVE wrote:
“WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY is an ebullient paean to the power of story. What we need is a new story based on purpose, not on profit. With a mind toward sustaining the planet rather than just amassing money, this book guides you to finding and aligning your purpose, passion, and goals to create that new life-embracing story for yourself, your organization, and the world.”

“WTF!” offers new hope for a failing society

It’s clear: Massive systemic failure is rampant across all sectors of society—locally, regionally, nationally and globally…WTF! We all have a choice: Either we get on and drive the future bus, or we’ll get run over by it.

Whitney Vosburgh, consulting Chief Marketing Officer for Fortune 50 companies, and Charlie Grantham, best-selling author and former Executive Director of R&D for global tech companies, offer a new story of possibility for organizations, governments, and communities.

In their new book, “WORK THE FUTURE! TODAY: Finding your path to purpose, passion and profit” they show how to turn a failing global operating system into a new one that will sustain our planet and all that live on it—after all, good planets are hard to find. Readers are guided to find their “North Star,” their true purpose, and to follow their path to fulfilling that purpose, so that they can share their unique gifts with the world.

Vosburgh and Grantham are on a mission to empower executives, managers, politicians—and women and men everywhere—to become true leaders in the workplace, in their communities, in government, and in serving the good of all.

“Most executives don’t know how to lead; they know how to manage,” said Vosburgh, “There has never been more chaos, confusion, and complexity, combined with failure of leadership at all levels. People across all sectors of society are asking, “WTF! is going on? What is the future?”

Grantham explains that true leaders are women and men who are guided by their North Star and can have a following of 1, 10, 10,000, or 1 million. “The size of their following doesn’t matter. They are driven because they are following their path. When a true leader finds his or her path, everyone benefits.”

WTF! points to the fact that, at every level of society, the Old Story of Profit First is no longer a viable marker for sustainable success. ‘Profit, people, planet’ is part of the old story. In WTF!, the New Story of Purpose First reprioritizes the triple bottom line into ‘Planet, people, profit’.”

Vosburgh and Grantham share strategies to help companies step into the future now—to transition from a focus on shareholders to stakeholders. While most organizations focus on the ‘What’ and the ‘How’, as in ‘what are we doing and how do we do it?’, WTF! directs readers to focus on the ‘Why’, as in, ‘why are we here?’ An organization that establishes its True North and leads from its ‘Why’ is much better positioned to achieve sustainable success.

“We can start right now to work towards more positive and sustainable communities of mutual benefit,” said Vosburgh. “No healthy planet, no healthy people. No healthy people, no healthy profits. You either create your future or it will control you, so work the future today!

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