Cee Nova

A Couple Of Forevers With A Hustler 2

The weird vibes Chicago got from Chanel turned out to be everything he thought they were.

After exposing who is behind the crazy antics, Chicago is forced to play things cool before he acts on anything. The beast that he put away is trying to resurface but first Chicago must connect all the pieces to the puzzle so he can move strategically. With his loved ones’ safety on the line, he realizes that this is deeper than the streets.

Gabby is still willing to hold her man down through it all but she is also facing some demons of her own. Stuck between having what every woman dreams of and battling with her own insecurities, will she drive Chicago away or will they be able to work through things together? Can she keep her long-time friend and her man, or will she be torn between the two and have to choose?

Evan’s worst fears start to become his reality. With having to make decisions with cloudy judgement, will he believe the only person who has always been by his side or go with his heart? Things start to take an even bigger turn in his life faster than he can blink.

Chanel has become the master of secrecy but her past has caught up to her faster than she expected. With everyone against her, who can she turn to? Not thinking that the plan she helped create would fall through and she’d be the one to blame, Chanel doesn’t think she will get out of this one alive.

Can you have love without loyalty? Will Chanel and Gabriela be able to keep their childhood friendship alive? Or will the odds be against them? Evan and Chicago’s friendship is also on the line. Someone won’t make it out of Chicago, Illinois alive. Find out in the second installment of A Couple of Forevers With a Hustler.
159 printed pages
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