AM Burrage

The Acquital & Other Stories

Alfred McLelland Burrage was born in 1889. His father and uncle were both writers, primarily of boy’s fiction, and by age 16 AM Burrage had joined them and quickly became a master of the market publishing his stories regularly across a number of publications. By the start of the Great War Burrage was well established but in 1916 he was conscripted to fight on the Western Front, his experiences becoming the classic book War is War by Ex-Private X. For the remainder of his life Burrage was rarely printed in book form but continued to write and be published on a prodigious scale in magazines and newspapers. His supernatural stories are, by common consent, some of the best ever written. Succinct yet full of character each reveals a twist and a flavour that is unsettling…..sometimes menacing….always disturbing. In this volume we bring you — The Acquittal, The Green Bungalow, The Kiss Of Hesper, Crookback, The Imperturbable Tucker, The Wind In The Attic, The Garden Of Fancy, The Frontier Of Dreams, The Mystery Of The Sealed Garret, “I’m Sure It Was No.31”, The Recurring Tragedy, Father Of The Man, Fellow Travellers
183 printed pages

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