Sean Dollwet

Passive Income Secrets

The modern-world has caused many people to become trapped in a nine-to-five job. We often find ourselves living paycheck-to-paycheck. There is no money left after buying groceries, paying the bills and covering other expenses. Times are tough, but what if I told you there is a way out?

In Passive Income Secrets, I will be sharing some of the most successful income opportunities that you can take advantage of in 2018 and beyond. Many of the opportunities you read about on the internet today are worthless in 2018 — the world is growing, people are getting smarter, and you need to adapt. Instead of providing you with the same list of opportunities you are used to be presented with, I have compiled a list of only the best opportunities that will work for you today.

I have tried and tested many different passive income opportunities. Sometimes I failed, but I learned from my mistakes. This has led me to discover which opportunities really work — and now I am sharing my knowledge with you.

If you find yourself wasting your time at a day job, only to make someone else rich, then this book is definitely for you. I share with you a total of 15 different opportunities, giving you the freedom to choose an opportunity that will suit your current skillset, your budget (some of these opportunities are 100% free to get started with), and, of course, your preferences. I cover each of these opportunities to help you determine what you need for each, as well as learn more about the benefits and drawbacks associated with each of these passive income business opportunities.

Whether you only have basic computer knowledge or feel that you are the
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