Maureen Child

Snowbound with the Boss

Baby on the way? Blame it on the blizzard! A hotel—and a relationship—undergo renovations in this charming romance from the USA Today–bestselling author.
Being stuck in a snowstorm with his disagreeable contractor is hardly gaming tycoon Sean Ryan’s idea of a good time. So why does he find himself keeping Kate Wells warm—and really, really liking it? Luckily, when the snow melts, Sean can return to his California headquarters, leaving their fling behind.
But Kate’s left facing a dilemma—she’s pregnant. How can she break her baby news to her unbearable boss? Soon there’s an emotional storm brewing that makes the blizzard that stranded them look like child’s play . . .
“Ms. Child has delivered the third punch in this great trilogy . . . you might just not be able to put it down.” —Harlequin Junkie
191 printed pages
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