RK Wheeler


The true orignin of vampires.  Lamech was the first of the undead night stalkers.  They are those who wander the shadows in search of the blood of mortals.  He was cursed by God for killing Cain.  He does not grow old or need to breathe.  With the strength of ten men and the speed of a horse, humans bear him little threat, unless they can come upon his crypt by day and drive a wooden stake through his heart. But Lamech fears the sun the more, lest he be burned by its fiery rays.

There is a rogue vampire abroad, who weilds great power, for Maldivar alone, can walk in daylight unharmed.  This renegade seeks to kill all other undead, so that he might rule over mortals as a god.  Is even Lamech, the primordial vampire strong enough to defeat him?  If so, he must do so before dawn.
46 printed pages
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