Debbie Morehead

You Can't Get It Done By Doing What You Shouldn't Do

How to Stop Working So Hard at Getting What You Don't Want!

When was the last time you purchased something on your credit card knowing you didn't have the money to cover it? Or ate the entire pint of ice cream in one setting? And exactly how much damage did you inflict on your spouse, or worse your kids, the last time you let those words fly out of your mouth?

Changing your circumstances and improving relationships means changing yourself and that takes work. If you aren't willing to look at yourself or do the necessary work then don't bother reading this book.

As a psychotherapist of over twenty-five years, working with 1000s of clients, Debbie will teach you how to get to the bottom of why you keep doing the things that don't work for you and give you the practical steps to start doing the things that will get you more of what you truly want in your life and relationships.
111 printed pages
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