Roy Martin

Words of Wisdom Book 2

BOOK No. 2

The words of wisdom in this book are practical and doable. These words are not pie in the sky when you die. However, these words do address the issues of death, as well as the issues of living.

The words of wisdom in this book cover the entire area of life; including marriage, raising children, religion, people to people relationships, etc.

The words of wisdom in this book will tell you how to use wisdom to increase your sense of fulfillment and deal with the issues of life.

People are hungry for wisdom. This book will help satisfy that hunger. Experience is a good teacher of wisdom, but it is a harsh teacher. It makes you take the test before it teaches you the lesson.

As noted in this book, wisdom is the principle thing, so get wisdom. But in your getting, get also understanding.

There are two types of wisdom. God's wisdom and the world's wisdom. This book addresses both of these.

People are the only creatures that God make in his own image. So, it stands to reason that people are dear to God's heart. And it stands to reason that God would want people to have wisdom.
70 printed pages
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