Nick Muxlow

Journey to 100

Have you ever wanted to run a 100km ultra marathon? And not just run it, but enjoy it and make it to the finish?
But what will it take to improve your ultra running and achieve the results you want?
The biggest challenge ultra runners face is not their lack of motivation or determination. The biggest challenge ultra runners face is their lack of preparation and training.
Journey to 100 will teach you how to prepare and train for your next ultra marathon, including:

How to successfully train as an ultra runner.

How to implement specific ultra running principles.
How the different elements of ultra running – training, pacing, nutrition, tapering, and more – apply to you.
How to invest your training time well and get the best training results.

How to have more fun on the trails.

By the end of Journey to 100, you will have unlocked an unwavering belief in yourself, and will know at the start line that you will cross the finish line.
265 printed pages
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