Antonia Staff

The Voice of The Earth

Every year Oulma waits for her beloved mate and his wolf to return over the mountain with his  back pac of copper. When at last he does return he is already half in the spirit world. He becomes involved in a fight to the death and must flee again with his wolf and his weapons. Oulma waits. When Aarlak does not return she is forced to take another mate, a potter who is as round as his pots and changes the hair on his face to look like different animals, depending on his mood. Oulma escapes and flees down the river with several people including a young pregnant girl and three dogs.They go to the Sea Peoples, where Oulma becomes involved with the healer Mogeb and his fasination for blood. 
Blending historical fiction and archaeology, The Voice of The Earth, is both humorous and profound and will resonate with readers who are interested in exploring how our ancient ancestors thought, lived, and interacted with a  mysterious world far more complex than the one we now inhabit.
182 printed pages
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