The Accidental Assassin: An International Thriller, Fritz Galt
Fritz Galt

The Accidental Assassin: An International Thriller

CIA operative Dean Wells has gotten into big-time trouble in Syria. He is trying to thwart al-Qaeda's latest move in the Middle East when a man ends up dead in his hands. Is Dean to blame?

The Syrians think so and put him on an international hit list. What's worse, Dean can't explain in his own defense how the death occurred.

Enter Carla Martino, a hard-driving CIA psychologist, to investigate the strange case of denial, or amnesia. Or is it something else? To defend him, she must follow him to the ends of the earth.

Enjoy this timely, tightly plotted inside look at the CIA and high-stakes chase from Aleppo to Hebron, from Cairo to Sharm el-Sheikh, and from Amman to Jerusalem.

You'll feel the desert wind blowing hot down your neck as Carla tries to unravel the mystery and as Dean races to defeat al-Qaeda.

Only by completing his mission can he bring peace to the Middle East and solve the case of…The Accidental Assassin.
369 printed pages
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