Stop Aging Now, Jean Carper
Jean Carper

Stop Aging Now

348 printed pages
In Stop Aging Now!, Jean Carper — winner of the 1995 Excellence in Journalism Award from the American Aging Association (the nation's leading group of scientists investigating the biomedical aspects of aging), nationally syndicated columnist and leading authority on health and nutrition — documents how antioxidant vitamins, minerals, herbs and food chemicals are the magic youth potions humans have been seeking for centuries. Based on exciting new scientific findings from leading institutions, Stop Aging Now! reveals the stunning truth: Much of what we call aging is not inevitable, but is needless and can be prevented and reversed to a startling degree by supplements and foods. Indeed, aging is often due to unsuspected deficiencies that can be readily corrected, and even people in their sixties, seventies and eighties can turn back the clock and recover their youth.
Leading scientists have found that:
Vitamins can prevent and reverse memory loss and other signs of aging.
Vitamins and minerals can rejuvenate immune functions, restoring youthful resistance to infections and cancer.
Antioxidants in foods and supplements can help prevent clogged arteries, heart attacks and general bodily deterioration.
Many unfamiliar but readily available food chemicals can prolong life and preserve your vitality.
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However, a recent groundbreaking study by leading immunologist Ranjit K. Chandra at Memorial University of Newfoundland found that a supplement of modest doses of eighteen common vitamins and minerals dramatically boosted immune functioning and cut infectious illnesses in half among a group of elderly people. His finding is heralded as a major breakthrough by the mainstream medical community.
Similarly, during middle age, the thymus gland, a major player in immune functioning, begins to shrink dramatically, coinciding with a decline in production of thymulin, a hormone that creates disease-fighting T-cells. Yet several studies find that only 30 daily milligrams of zinc rejuvenated the functioning of the thymus gland in people over age sixty-five, restoring their output of thymulin and T-cell production to equal that of people twenty years younger
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