January Joyce

Mitzy McGee Diary of a Super-Geek Stuttering Songbird

Imagine being born with a speech impediment wherein everyone ridicules you for doing the one thing most people take for granted. Talking. Now imagine if the person who mocks you the most is someone very close to you. Your own Mom. Sounds pretty cruddy, I know, but that's what happened to me. Growing up with a stutter can be challenging. People can be cruel. I never knew who I could trust because sometimes even the best-intentioned people say or do something that feels like a loaded insult. Then one day by fluke — as I listened to the aggravating screech of my brother's band — I learned that I could sing. I could actually sing!!! My choral voice has no stutter, stammer, or pause. There's a technical name for it, but apparently, the singing part of my brain overrides the stuttering part of my brain, and I can belt out harmonies without flaw.
One day I'm a freak little sister who spends most of her time huddled in the corner of the garage. I'm the annoying groupie who's always getting yelled at and blamed for things I didn't do. I'm picked on, alienated, ridiculed, and scorned. And the next thing I know, I've taken over the role of lead singer. Me, who would believe it? Our first recording takes off and before I knew it, I'm on the road to becoming a star. I'm Mitzy McGee, and this is my story.
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