Shar Moore

Empowering Stories of Female leaders who said YNot

Shar Moore, Ronnie Benbow, Elena Gosse, Robyn Ratcliff, Karen McDermott, Moana Robinson, Michelle Scheibner, Susan Banhegyi, Karlie Scharfenberg, Catherine Wood, Kate Witteveen, Kylie Chapman, Cathy Feenan, Juanita Smith, Min Melgar, Lara Zelenka, Aldwyn Altuney, Michele Jones, Tanya Southey.

From the trauma of divorce and heartbreak, the emotional roller coaster of IVF and chronic anxiety to childhood stress, illness, and depression, this is a book about women empowering women. When life sends us challenges, it takes a strong woman to stand up, face them head on and reclaim her power. The amazing women portrayed in this collection achieved this by asking themselves one simple question. YNot?

Nineteen women share their YNot moment in a heartfelt retelling of the pivotal moment that changed their lives. For one, it was moving to an unfamiliar country and learning a new language. Another pulled herself from the heartbreak of a terrible divorce to rebuild a life for herself and her children. Yet another survived a terrible childhood and fought her way into a position where she could help others struggling with a similar battle. Indeed, all these women have found a way to better themselves, turn their lives around, and then give back to others.

Their experiences, achievements and resilience will touch the heart of every reader and have them asking themselves the same question. YNot?

264 printed pages
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