Juliet Pellizon,Lovillia Hearst

Defiled By The Knights Bundle

This explicit adult bundle contains the following titles:

Defiled By The Knights

A young noblewoman secretly arranges a meeting with a handsome, strapping knight visiting the town she resides in. She knows the man lusts after her and her intention is to succumb to his desires. The shock of finding his compatriot is in town with him sends a jolt of emotion through her, since she was barely prepared to share herself with one man…

Degraded And Spanked In Public By The King

A clumsy mistake while serving the King’s niece brings the wrath of a spoilt child down on Liliana, who has to face the King's punishment. The King is hard but fair, and thinks of a solution that will leave everyone satisfied.

Blowing The Bandits

Returning home from a discreet visit to see her aunt, things go wrong for Princess Amelia when her cowardly guards run off from a bandit attack. It leaves her at the mercy of their handsome leader, who gives her a hard choice.
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