Tony McElveen

Your Pain Has No Power

Regardless of who you are, or what family you may be connected to, your education level, your wealth or the lack thereof, pain is something that no one on this earth will be able to escape. This book digs deep into the origin of pain to help the reader understand the reason behind their pain. God is and has always been a strategist, He is very strategic when it comes to molding and shaping the lives of His children. One of the tools God elected to use to mold and shape His children is “pain.” As shocking as that may sound it is indeed truth. This book is powerful and a much needed book for anyone dealing with pain in their lives, regardless of what caused the pain. This book will teach you how to deal with your pain, and afterwards be left with a joy that will be unspeakable, even if your situation hasn't changed just yet.
71 printed pages


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