Winning At Poker, Dave Scharf
Dave Scharf

Winning At Poker

Winning at Poker is a handbook for all card players, from the budding card shark eager to learn the game from scratch to the practised poker bandit keen to unlock the secrets of poker-playing legends. Written by a bonafide poker champion, this detailed guide provides essential tips and information on:

. reading your opponent – what you can tell from the way a player handles their cards

. what to do and what not – the rules and etiquette of the poker table

. how to spot a maniac and avoid tap city with a run down of poker parlance

. where to play – all the best locations for the budding poker player

. an introduction to gambling on the internet

Written in an extremely clear and informative style, this book covers all the fundamental aspects for all those wishing to play any of the main poker variations.

Discover everything you need to know to sit down at your first tournament or cash game, from betting strategy, what cards to play, poker etiquette and the all important positional considerations.

Buy this book and it could MAKE you money!
336 printed pages


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