Patrick King

The Art of Witty Banter: Be Clever, Quick, & Magnetic

  • raul7h7chas quoted4 months ago
    “I’ll get back to you on that. I have no idea!”

    "Te responderé sobre eso. ¡No tengo idea!”

  • Nadia Zivildievahas quoted5 months ago
  • Nadia Zivildievahas quoted5 months ago
    person might genuinely care about.
  • Nadia Zivildievahas quoted5 months ago
    Here’s another example of how one of
  • Nadia Zivildievahas quoted5 months ago
    digs and jabs
  • robv101705has quotedlast year
    In particular, it was his ability to banter wittily with his band leader, guests, and even himself in a self-deferential way that was the engine of the show. Letterman was like Teflon—he was so smooth and slick, he could always go with the flow, nothing ever seemed to faze him, and he was never without a witty quip or two.

    He analyzed how other people speaked and their overall flow and how it would work. In this case he spoke “smooth and slick”

  • robv101705has quotedlast year
    had a sad childhood when I say this, but it’s not that I was deprived of cartoons by draconian parents.

    Pretty much confusing on why people would assume cartoons = good childhood? When there are many other factors to a childhood

  • b6464997412has quotedlast year
    The Late Show with David Letterman
  • b0031422224has quoted2 years ago
    What are your top few movies?
    What are some good movies you’ve seen recently?
    Any movies you can recommend?
    Do you prefer to watch television or movies?
  • cindy michellahas quoted2 years ago
    This is the role they’ll play, that of a renowned navigator.
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