Mike Luther

How to Raise an Adult

Raising healthy, well-balanced and successful children is something which most of us aspire to. It is also something which is incredibly complex and difficult to achieve and many parents can fall into the deadly trap of 'overparenting ' their children.

This is not because of a desire to harm their child, but usually in the misconceived idea that they are doing them a favor by providing everything they need as soon as it is asked for. This, of course, can have serious implications if you are looking to raise your child to be a successful and independent adult.

In How to Raise an Adult you will find a well-balanced and easier approach to raising children to be the self-reliant adults they will be required to be, with chapters on things like;

– How our kids lack basic life skills
– Psychological harm we have contributed to – The stress of overparenting
– Teaching them how to think
– Preparing them for hard work
– And much more…

Packed with great advice, tips and strategies, How to Raise an Adult is written in 4 distinct parts. It examines; what we are doing at present, why we must stop overparenting, new ways to parent and daring to think differently.

You will discover ways to provide strong and assured parenting, many of which you may not have considered, with this amazing book. It shows you how not to become over involved in your child 's life, allowing them space to grow and make their own mistakes.

You can achieve the long term success you desire for your children by parenting in a new and different manner. How to Raise an Adult is the book which will guide towards that end.
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Mike Luther
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