Mary Gray

Our Sweet Guillotine

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“Gray is a master at writing authentically broken characters.” — Vanessa K. Eccles, Bound & Brewed

“I love that Tempeste and Gabriel's love story is unique and unlike anything I've ever read. Gripping to the very end!” — Sara Cluff, Monster Ivy Book Club

“The quirks of a shattered mind are a delicate dance to perfect, and Ms. Gray has done it with aplomb! Deft character creation continues for the entire ensemble, providing a rich tapestry of detail to the novel. The truly unique romance, blossoming as it does from vengeance, guilt and family allegiance, is heart-rending.” — InD'Tale Magazine

Amidst the backdrop of a newly liberated yet volatile France, a young executioner falls for the daughter of a woman he had to kill…

Tempeste has survived much choosing to live on Paris’ streets–scavenging for food, learning survival skills from a deserter whom she paid to attack her in her sleep, and living a life her mother would approve of, one devoid of luxury. But denying oneself of food and proper bedding can stir a madness in the brain. So, when Tempeste witnesses the quick and painless death of the guillotine–the death her mother should have received–she vows to find her mother’s accuser and vivisect his spleen.

Quite by accident, Gabriel, the young executioner responsible for Tempeste’s mother’s botched hanging, falls for Tempeste. So, instead of strolling arm-in-arm with a respectable mademoiselle through the gardens of the Palais de l’Égalité, Gabriel finds himself traipsing after an axe-carrying siren through the catacombs and facing off a hostile sans-culottes army.

With little choice but to fight, Gabriel determines to win the hearts of the sans-culottes, while Tempeste proves she’s quite adept at swinging the blade. When the pair finally make their way to Tempeste’s sworn enemy, though, a secret is revealed which promises to sever far more than they ever hoped to gain.

A historically accurate gothic romance that will appeal to readers of all ages who enjoy exploring the dark side of humanity, but who also crave redemption and forgiveness.
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