Hoffman Kadaisy

A Soundless Exchange

Every super villain
has a beginning, but only some get to fall in love.


A SOUNDLESS EXCHANGE is a story about a memory probe robot
that falls in love with a teenager who will grow up to become a Most-Wanted

“Sticks-with-you compelling.
Casts doubt on our past the way Minority Report questioned our future…a
relentless quest for what we all deserve.”
–Editor of Marvel Comics’
dystopian “Civil War”

“A new science fiction
voice has surfaced. If anyone could turn a bone marrow x-ray into a chromosomal
battlefield of teenage anxiety and romance, it’s Hoffman Kadaisy. I can’t say whether the trilogy transcends genre, but there is a force of evolution at work. I might speculate that the evolution is embodied. The villain who will presumably
bring about its extinction is thankfully still learning/remembering how.”

–Editor of Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game: Battle School”

*A super villain origin love story

*From high school innocence in Book One to the dark
conclusion of the Soundless trilogy, follow the haunting cast of characters as they mature to discover the mystery behind their identities that will expand
into a timeline of two more trilogies, a prequel and a sequel to this Soundless

* Hoffman Kadaisy was schooled by one of the top-ten Sci Fi writers living today, trained by the writer of Batman: Arkham Origins as well as the historical fiction and sci fi phenomenon known as Assassin’s Creed.

*4 years of research and study under award-winning writers,
including Paul Muldoon (Pulitzer winner for poetry), Joyce Carol Oates (3-time
Pulitzer nominee for fiction), and Christina Lazaridi (academy award nominee


He and she may be in love, yet neither one has ever heard
the other’s voice. Homeschooled and living her entire life in a wheelchair, she was born without the ability to ever hear or speak. When she miraculously saves
his life, she is forced to share a beautiful secret about herself. Troubled by his infamous past, he risks telling her the truth of who he really is. They
learn to understand each other beyond words as they experience the power of a
soundless exchange.


pages of fiction, plus bonus non-fiction, an academic essay on the evolution of
science fiction. If you ever wanted to know the true origin of science fiction,
if you’re curious about its history, how it evolves, and where it’s headed, you need to read this.

323 printed pages
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