Claire Dederer


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Ten years ago, Claire Dederer put her back out while breastfeeding her baby daughter. Told to try yoga by everyone from the woman behind the counter at the co-op to the homeless guy on the corner, she signed up for her first class. She fell madly in love.Over the next decade, she tackled Triangle, Wheel and the dreaded Crow, becoming fast friends with some poses and developing long-standing feuds with others. At the same time she found herself confronting the forces that shaped her generation.Daughters of women who ran away to find themselves and made a few messes along the way, Claire and her peers grew up determined to be good, good, good. Yoga seemed to fit right into this virtuous programme, but to her surprise the deeper Claire went into the poses the more they tested her most basic ideas of what goodness really means.Posertells the story of how yoga helped Claire to discover that being joyful is sometimes more important than being good. Witty and heartfelt, sharp and irreverent, this is a book for anyone who has ever tried to stand on their head while keeping both feet on the ground.
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    b2060880335shared an impression3 years ago
    👍Worth reading

    Nice. Gave me another reason to start yoga lessons and appreciate my life.


    Anta Juzupanovahas quoted4 years ago
    They were, in fact, obsessed with skeletons. They wanted us to forget our muscles and remember and trust our bones. “Do this pose with your skeleton!” was their refrain. “Let the muscles go and trust the structure.” The idea was to stop gripping yourself into place with your muscles; instead, find a skeletal alignment that was sustainable, that didn’t need muscular support to be held for some time.

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