Simon Clark

The Night of the Triffids

Twenty-five years after Bill Masen, the hero of the iconic 1951 cult novel Day of the Triffids, escapes with his family to a colony on the Isle of Wight, the human species is scattered all over the world as the deadly Triffid plants continue their devastating march.
One of the few human beings not blinded by the meteor shower of a quarter-century ago, David Masen, Bill’s son, has become a pilot, traveling in search of an effective weapon against the Triffids. In New York City, he discovers a group of people who appear to be immune to the Triffids’ deadly poison. But all is not as it seems in this colony, and soon David must face a dangerous adversary from his family’s past.

394 printed pages

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    nmakazanhas quoted2 years ago
    My father once wrote that there is in humanity an inability to sustain a tragic mood. The mind has a phoenix quality, rising again and again from the ashes of despair.
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