Connor Whiteley

Police Psychology

Perfect for university psychology students and psychology professionals interested in forensic psychology!

Policing is a major part of the Criminal Justice System so forensic psychology is interested in it. Police psychology is filled with fascinating topics about police behaviour and why the police behave as they do. All explained in this great easy to understand book!

By the end of this book, you’ll learn:

How Police Culture Affects Behaviour?

How Psychology Impacts Police Interviewing?

The Psychology of Lethal Force

Forensic Hypnosis

And more much!


Police Psychology Content:


Introduction to Police Psychology

Part One: Police Culture and Bias

Police Culture

Canteen Cop Culture and Sexuality

More On Canteen Cop Culture and Sexuality

Explaining Police Bias

Part Two: Police Interviewing

Confession Culture and Police Interviewing

Police Interrogations

The Cognitive Interview

The Enhanced Cognitive Interview

The Cognitive Interview In Practice

Do Psychologists Know Best?

Other types of Interviews

Part Three: Extra Forensic Psychology Topics

The Police Caution

Forensic Hypnosis

Police As Eyewitnesses: How Accurate Are They?

Lethal Force

Impact of Police Work On Officers
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