Ashley McCabe Mowat


CRAMES are practical, easy-to-use creative games that get children thinking creatively. The stimulating trigger questions develop problem solving and creative thinking skills in activities that take as little as five minutes a day. No preparation is needed, just the willingness to think creatively. Trigger questions range from ʻWhat if the sea turned everything it touched red?ʼ and ‘How many things can you think of that squeak?ʼ to ʻHow is a museum like a story?ʼ and ʻWould you rather be a picture or a fish tank? Why?ʼCreative thinking is a necessary tool for survival and success in today’s world. Playing CRAMES will add variety to your day and help you and your pupils break out of your usual mind-set and lead you down the path of looking at the world through creative-coloured glasses!
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