Tibor Magyar

Instead of Veto

Members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) frequently use veto in international disputes. Although it serves to bypass large scale conflicts, the necessary actions often delay and the UN may lose the trust of people.Instead of veto, UNSC should allow for a Jury Court to make a decision. It could be adapted from Heliaia operating in ancient Athenian democracy. Heliaia was selected from voluntarily registered, unpunished people by lot. The Jury Court could be operated similarly, via Internet. A computer program could select the court members depending on their broad geographical representation and the ranking list of nations in sustainable development and integration competition randomly. Court members could decide on affairs by a simple majority. This way, the UNSC could not be paralyzed in any case of decision-making.
Dear reader, the book consists of much more, for instance a possible methodology and model for the UN profound reform.
70 printed pages
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