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5-Day German Language Challenge

Learn German with Your “5-Day German Language Challenge”

Why are you reading this? Because:

— You want to speak the secret gem language of the United States.

— You want to expand your professional network and reach in Europe.

— You want to be able to travel to the many countries that speak German.

— You want to study abroad for cheap or free college education in Germany.

— You want to have the easiest and fastest way to study German for beginners.

German is the most opportune language that you can learn. Why? Did you know that it is the most widely spoken language in Europe, as well as has a strong speaker base in North America?

In other words, it can unlock many hidden doors for you professionally at work and expand yourself personally at home and in life. Let’s look at some of the most advantageous reasons to why you should learn German:

Employment Edge — This one is obvious. Someone who is bilingual is going to be more desirable at a job than someone who only speaks one language. Germany is a huge economic player when it comes to Europe and a large one across the globe as well. Knowing German will give you a secret edge in the professional sphere.

Education Benefit — Did you know that most of the universities in Germany are free to attend? Even if they aren’t completely free, their price is a lot more affordable than in the United States and other places. When you learn German, you can have the opportunity to travel to Germany and enjoy the benefit of having a free or low-cost education.

Personal Relationship — Do you have a family relative, a close friend, or a romantic partner who speaks German? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to communicate with them? Not only that but if they live in Germany, then you can use it for when you go and visit them and show off your newfound knowledge.

Travel Convenience — If you’re traveling to Europe, German’s one of the most prevalent languages spoken there. In fact, it’s the official language of countries such as Austria, Belgium, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, and Switzerland. So you won’t just be able to use it when you’re traveling to Germany, but if you go to Switzerland for a skiing vacation, you’ll be in good company.

Simple Language — Unlike other languages like Italian, Spanish and French, which are romantic languages, German belongs to the same Germanic language tree as English, making it surprisingly easier to learn than most people may think. There are even German words that are used in English to this day such as “angst” and “kindergarten.” Not only that but once you learn German, if you want to learn another language such as Danish, Dutch, Norwegian or Swedish, it will make it a lot easier.

Do you still need more convincing to pick up the German language? There are just a ton of advantages to knowing German. The «5-Day German Language Challenge» will open up that whole new world for you to enrich your life faster than you may ever know possible.
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    Natašahas quoted2 years ago
    For added bonus, attempt to do so using all of the top row question words. Example: “She said she dances” becomes “How did she dance?", "When did she dance?", "Why did she dance?", etc
    Natašahas quoted2 years ago
    case is used for any possessive nouns.

    Let’s look at an example to understand these cases (while referring to the chart):

    Meine Schwester gibt einem Freund das Buch meines Vaters.

    “My sister gives a friend the book of my father.”
    Natašahas quoted2 years ago
    The nominative case is for the subject of the sentence. The accusative case is used for the direct object of a sentence and for some prepositions. The indirect object and all other prepositions take the dative case. Lastly, the genitive

    Именички падеж је за субјект реченице. Акузатив се користи за директни објект реченице и за неке предлоге. Индиректни објекат и сви други предлози узимају датив. На крају, генитив

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