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Housewife To Hotwife Bundle

These innocent housewives turn into shameless hotwives in an instant!

Knocked Up By The BBC While My Husband Watches

Mindy and her husband Jack have been trying to conceive for years now, and after a series of tests they realize that Jack is infertile. Mindy also has a disorder which means she can’t receive IVF, so the only hope she has to get pregnant is to have sex with another more fertile man. After some searching she finds out about a clinic designed for impregnation — and hastily books an appointment. After all, a clinical setting would be less humiliating for Jack, right? Wrong. As soon as she gets there she is strapped up in stirrups and brought to orgasm after orgasm while multiple hung black men enter the room and take turns impregnating her.

Violated By The Sheikhs

Vanessa is caught in-between two incredibly powerful men, Sheikh Saleem and Sheikh Bilal. They always compete against each other, so when they both take a liking to the beautiful — and married — casino employee, they decide to make a bet right then and there to see who can bed her the fastest. One Sheikh pursuing a woman is a force to be in awe of, but both of them combined make it very hard for Vanessa to resist. Vanessa will have to choose between staying faithful to her husband, or letting the sexy Sheikh brothers ravage her in every way at the same time.

My Wife The Cheap Porn Star

A run of bad luck forces a couple to take drastic measures to try and make enough money to pay their bills. When the wife gets the offer of a few thousand dollars to make an amateur porn movie, she knows it’s an opportunity she can’t turn down. The husband is against it, but can’t make her change her mind and insists on being there when it’s filmed.
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