Laura Lovecraft

Home Alone

Randy is living the taboo dream. Threesomes with Mom and his sister are common and family nights all-out orgies. What Randy really wants is time alone with his sister Haley. Haley prefers everyone to play, and always tells him no. When Mom and Dad find out, they tell Haley she owes her brother a night. Haley brings the heat as only she can, but even Randy's surprised with how the weekend ends!

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

Randy went down stairs and noticed all the lights were off. It was still light outside, but all the blinds were down and the house was fairly dark. Randy had expected to see Haley on the couch in the living room, but it was deserted.

“Haley?” he called out.

There was no answer, but when he turned around, Randy spotted a flickering light coming from beyond the partially open dining room door. Randy made his way over and pushed the door all the way open.

Because there were no windows in the dining room it was darker than the other rooms. Well, it would have been if not for the dozen or more candles that were lit around the room. A candlelit dinner? No, the table itself was completely clear. Even the flowers Mom always had in the center of the table were gone.

“Why, good evening, sir.” Haley stepped out from the corner where she had been standing.

“Uh, hey, sis.” Randy’s eyes widened when he saw she was still wearing her Vinnie’s uniform.

“My name is Haley and I’ll be taking care of you this evening, sir.” Haley give him a huge smile and batted her lashes at him. “Let me show you to your seat.”

Taking his hand, Haley led him to the table and pulled a chair out for him, but far enough away that when he sat there was a couple feet between him and the table. Stepping in front of him, Haley tapped her chest.

“Now, not only am I your server this evening, but I’m also tonight’s special!”

Haley put her arms over her head and turned in a slow circle. Randy stared hungrily at her long legs in those black stocking and how well the tight short skirt hugged her ass. When she was facing him once more she put her hands out.

“Would you like to see a menu, sir, or are you happy with tonight’s special?”

“I think the special is looking pretty good right now,” he nodded approvingly.

“Excellent choice, if I may say so!” Haley flashed him another huge smile and, leaning against the table, unbuttoned her blouse.

“May I interest you in an appetizer?” She let her blouse fall away to reveal a skimpy black lace bra. “Not sure? Would you like to try some samples?”
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