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John Krich

A Fork in Asia's Road. Adventures of an Occidental Glutton

Asia is a delicious and unique melting pot of flavours with the diverse cuisines reflecting the various cultural and ethnic groups that call it home. Award-winning writer John Krich has lived and travelled across Asia for the last decade as the food correspondent for the Asian Wall Street Journal. The 50 amazing food stories he shares in this book are organised around eight general themes and cover the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Macau, Taiwan, The Philippines, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam. Drawing on his culinary adventures and knowledge, Krich discusses food, ingredients and eateries — everything from strange and wacky dishes to comfort food and fine imperial dining. Foodies will appreciate his insights and even gourmands will enjoy a chuckle as they digest what is being served.
222 printed pages
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    For those who don’t drive out into Beijing’s boondocks to find their dream pancake house, the top in-town alternative, favored by knowing locals and Japanese businessmen alike, is Tuanjiehu Roast Duck Restauran
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    Among the organic vegetables he utilizes, Arima grows his own kichi hikari breed of rice, a version he found through research to be “better than Italian.” After rape blossoms on a spoon of cold tomato aspic to wet the palate, he serves up a spring medley risotto, chock-full of broad beans and a bit of asparagus, plus a slow-boiled golden egg yolk and hint of bean paste, topped with paper-thin slices of lard — which, along with breads and sausages, the chef makes himself.
  • Alina Martimyanovahas quoted7 years ago
    So the tourism institute’s executive chefs have been trying to mint new dishes to straddle categories, like a rendition of Portuguese rice with duck that substitutes Chinese sausage, and a shark’s fin soup that uses shredded bacalhau (salted cod) instead.

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