The Book of Signs, Rudolf Koch
Rudolf Koch

The Book of Signs

Michaelhas quotedlast year
The circle, being without beginning or end, is also a sign of God or of Eternity. Moreover, in contrast with the next sign, it is a symbol of the sleeping eye of God: “The Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”
Toby Crowther
Toby Crowtherhas quotedlast year
name sign of the Emperor J
Don Uggtu
Don Uggtuhas quoted2 years ago
Air. Damp warmth Airy, sanguine
Don Uggtu
Don Uggtuhas quoted2 years ago
the sign of the Cross God and Earth are combined and ace in harmony. From two simple lines a complete sign has been evolved. The Cross is by far the earliest of all signs, and is found everywhere, quite apart from the conception of Christianity.
Don Uggtu
Don Uggtuhas quoted2 years ago
The dot is the origin from which all signs start, and is their innermost essence. It was with this idea that the Masonic lodges of old expressed the secrecy of their guilds by means of the dot.

The vertical stroke represents the one-ness of God, or the Godhead in general; it also symbolizes power descending upon mankind from above, or, in the opposite direction
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