Connor Whiteley

Global Mental Health Around The World

Whether you're a psychology student, trained psychologist or a person interested in clinical psychology. This is the book for you!

Do you want to learn about depression?

Do you want to know how depression is viewed by other cultures?

Or how other cultures treat depression?

If the answer is yes, then this is the book for you!

In this book, you'll learn about a general overview of the causes of depression. Before you hear about the fascinating ways other cultures see and treat depression.

From the Natives of North America to Europe to Africa to Asia, you'll travel all over the world in this great book looking at depression.

If you love clinical psychology, the causes of depression, mental health and cultural psychology. You need to read this book!


Psychology Content


Chapter 1: Diagnosis of Mental Health Conditions

Chapter 2: Biological Causes of Depression

Chapter 3: Cognitive Causes of Depression

Chapter 4: Social Causes of Depression

Chapter 5: Cultural Psychotherapies and Role of Culture in Treatment

Chapter 6: Depression and Mental Health in Asia

Chapter 7: Mental Health Perceptions in Europe

Chapter 8: Perceptions and Costs of Depression In Africa

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