Matthew Glass

End Game

It's 2018. Tom Knowles, a moderate Nevada Repubilcan, is the American president hoping to lead his country into a new era of stability and growth. He sees his change to put his stamp on world affairs when thirty-two American aid workers are massacred in Uganda by a terrorist organization. Knowles opts for military intervention even though China considers Uganda its African sphere of influence, and warn him to keep out.
Six weeks later, stock prices on Wall Street are falling. Amid rumors of insolvency, a major investment bank leads the rout. When the bank refuses a government bailout, and it becomes known that the Chinese State Investment Corporation is its major shareholder, the market slide turns into a panic. Are US stock prices being manipulated by the Chinese government in retaliation for the president's intervention in Uganda? As the president's team takes drastic action to protect to the US economy, the Chinese government strikes back to protect its interests, and the confrontation shifts rapidly from Wall Street to the coast of East Africa, where the US and Chinese navies stand eye to eye.
Trigger Point is an electrifying follow-up to Ultimatum that paints a terrifying portrait of where we might be headed.
495 printed pages
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