Stephanie Ashcraft,Janet Eyring

101 Things To Do With a Slow Cooker

The New York Times best-selling author of 101 Things to Do with a Cake Mix! demonstrates the delectable versatility of the crock pot.
Call it a slow cooker, a crockery cooker, or your best friend, these handy kitchen machines are gaining popularity, and for good reason. Slow cookers make perfectly tender meats and brings out the flavor of a wide variety of dishes with little risk of burning. And don’t let the name fool you—your slow cooker can be a real time-saver! Simply throw your ingredients in, get on with life, and come home to a kitchen filled with the aroma of real home cooking.
In 101 Things to Do with a Slow Cooker, Stephanie Ashcraft presents easy-to-follow recipes for everything from South of the Border Pot Roast to Cherries Jubilee and even Almond hot Chocolate. Recipes for soups and stews, main courses, side dishes, beverages, desserts, and more are included, along with suggestions for what to serve with each dish, time-saving tips, and easy modifications.
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