So Long! I’ll be back in 30 years, Margo McCutcheon
Margo McCutcheon

So Long! I’ll be back in 30 years

In So Long! Ill Be Back in 30 Years, author Margo McCutcheon takes readers on a 30-year journey through Asia and an array of unique characters, adventures, disasters and life-changing encounters. Open the book randomly and step into the life of a Filipino girl living and thriving in a city garbage dump, an Aussie retiree dwelling in a Sinai desert cave, a 50-something married American woman living in Malaysia who discovers shes gay, and a colourful assortment of locals and expatriates calling Asia home. Join the author as she and the other characters you read about experience life in remote places from Bangladesh to Borneo, cheat death in the Himalayas, encounter high living on the international aid circuit, and survive landslides, tsunamis and more. The stories, many previously published in newspapers, include some controversial pieces. Touting Singapores political system and dispelling misconceptions about the country, the author writes: Whats the worlds third richest country? France? Nope. Russia? Nope. Brazil? Nope. Answer: Singapore … which is not the dull, authoritarian place its sometimes made out to be, but a dazzling model of what a country can be under dedicated leadership. Part-memoir, part-mishap and adventure, this book, featuring more than 20 colour photographs taken by the author, places readers directly into situations celebrating the weird and wonderful that is Asia.
269 printed pages


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