Jeremy Kourdi,Simon Maier

The 100. Insights and lessons from 100 of the greatest speakers and speeches ever delivered

What are the greatest speeches of all time? Who are the greatest communicators and orators and what made them so successful? And, significantly, what lessons can you learn from the world’s greatest influencers and communicators? This book individually profiles 100 powerful speakers and analyses the success factors behind their greatest ever speeches. Bill Clinton, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, Benazir Bhutto, Rudy Giuliani, Jack Welch, Lee Kuan Yew, JF Kennedy, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama – these are some of the great communicators featured in this fascinating book. Even in today’s high-tech world, words are as powerful as they have always been, and the way they are used and the results that they achieve remain vital for progress and success at all levels. This book provides unique insights into becoming a skilled orator for today’s age.But first Eddie has to survive the jagged netherworld of modern-day Thailand – a corkscrewed realm where big-time drug dealers tango with small-time hustlers, criminals on the 1 am mingle with bureaucrats on the take, and the merely raffish jostle with the downright scary for centre stage in the big leagues of weird. If Eddie can weather all that, maybe he really can find out what happened back in Saigon so long ago, and where those ten tons of money are.
422 printed pages
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  • Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted2 years ago
    John F. Kennedy’s phrase: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”
  • Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted2 years ago
    perhaps to accept a certain definition of freedom, to assert a “right”, to offer hope, inspiration, practical support or simple guidance.
  • Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted2 years ago
    They make their message clear and spend a great deal of time in preparation to ensure complete clarity – and they have a real, immovable passion for their subject.

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