Harry Rotter, Gerrard Wilson
Gerrard Wilson

Harry Rotter

265 printed pages
Harry Rotter is a girl – and a bad one at that!
I wrote this story, this skit, for a bit of fun, that’s all, but so many of you asked me to publish it, I felt obliged to do so. Who am I to say no to such desperate pleas? Harry – her real name is Harriet – has lost her Magical Marbles. She enlists the help of her cousin, Box Privet, to help her retrieve them. At her behest, Box, who is a wizard with all things electronic, makes Harry an electro-magical wand. Pandemonium ensues…
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hlygunerhas quoted3 years ago
Mr and Mrs Privet, of number five Dorsley Drive, were anything but normal. They had been normal only a few weeks earlier, but they were now as crazy as those incarcerated in the local loony bin.
On the outside, Mr Privet, a tall, bald and incredibly thin man, appeared quite normal, but just beneath the surface, barely hidden, he was a seething mass of nervous

Bay ve Bayan Privet, 5 numara Dorsley Sürücü, normal bir şey ama. Sadece birkaç hafta önce normal olmuştu, ama şimdi yerel akıl Hastanesine hapsedilen bu kadar deli olduklarını.
Dışarıda, Bay Privet, uzun boylu, kel ve inanılmaz derecede ince bir adam, oldukça normal görünüyordu, ama yüzeyin altında, neredeyse gizli, sinir öfkesi vardı

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