Andrew Greig

Found at Sea

The acclaimed Scottish writer reflects on a small boat excursion through the Orkney Islands in this poetry collection of “touching lyrical sensitivity” (The Times Literary Supplement, UK).
Andrew Greig has won much acclaim and numerous awards for his novels, poetry, and nonfiction evoking the natural beauty of rural Scotland or chronicling his far-flung adventures. In this volume, his love for his home and his passion for travel come together.
One summer evening, Greig embarked upon a micro-odyssey from his home in Stromness to the island of Cava, and Found at Sea recounts in poetic sequence the tale of his open dinghy voyage. Written in six weeks, this is a “very wee epic” about sailing, male friendship, and a voyage. In sailing small boats in scary open waters, Andrew Greig has found a new activity and a new metaphor for life.
29 printed pages
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