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Marie Kelly

Kidnapped the Wrong Sister

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    b0015344354has quoted5 years ago
    Diona looked up at him, her eyes so bright “And I love you too”, she replied softly, seeing how he smiled back at her.
    b6576757546has quoted4 years ago
    She would talk to Alexis herself and persuade the two of them to slow down on their plans. She would point out to them that if they were serious then they whould involve their families in their happiness.
    b6576757546has quoted4 years ago
    At the time Diona wrote it off as a holiday romance, glad that she had only been there a week.
    vian23has quoted4 years ago
    “I can’t bear to lose you again”
    vian23has quoted4 years ago
    as he had grown to know her better, he had fallen deeper and deeper in love with her and he knew with all his heart that she felt the same.
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted5 years ago
    “Diona Brown, I love you”, he said, his voice full of emotion, as both Daryle and Alexis looked at each other, small smiles starting to light up their faces. Diona looked up at him, her eyes so bright “And I love you too”, she replied softly, seeing how he smiled back at her.
    “Diona will you marry me, will you be my wife?”, he asked, his eyes so dark, with a glow lighting up that darkness, as he looked lovingly into her face. Diona was partly aware of her sister’s hands flying to her mouth as she nodded, throwing her arms around Nikias’ neck, kissing him as he lifted her off her feet to hold her closer to him.
    “Yes, yes I’ll be your wife”, she whispered against his mouth, as he kissed her, swinging her around as the two of them laughed with such happiness.
    Beside them Alexis and Daryle both looked heavenward after watching their elder brother and sister. “Thank God for that”, Daryle said softly. “It took them long enough”, before she smiled, feeling her husband’s arms circle her as he hugged her close to him
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted5 years ago
    … people don’t fall in love in a week, and then I met you, and I knew I was in love, I kept telling myself that it was just lust… but deep down I knew Diona. I know that you don’t feel the same about me, but stay with me, maybe one day you will feel something for me”, he said, the pain in his voice so evident. “I can’t bear to lose you again
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted5 years ago
    Diona sobbed gently, looking into his eyes, hers shining with the love she had hidden from him for so long, before she threw her arms around his neck. “I love you Nikias… I love you so much…” She felt him stiffen with her words, before he pulled her back, his face hardly able to believe what she just said. “Don’t just say it because you know I want to hear it”, he said in confusion, as she started to half laugh, half sob.
    “It’s true Nikias, I never thought you would ever feel the same way about me. I love you so much, but I thought you just wanted to have an affair. It was tearing me apart. I had to get away because you were breaking my heart”
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted5 years ago
    “You are wrong Diona”, he repeated, becoming more adamant. “Why won’t you believe me?” Looking down at her lap to try to hide the hurt in her eyes she said, “You will Nikias, you are fooling yourself if you think differently, why would you not?” With exasperation he cried out, “Because I love you dammit
    Carina Rita Hansenhas quoted5 years ago
    “We crashed”, she cried, jumping as the plane shook again, her arms moving around Nikias, who held her in complete shock. Diona had been in a plane crash. He closed his eyes softly, his arms moving around her to hold her securely against him. Holding her so close, he made soft reassuring sounds against her, as she continued to shake in his arms
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